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In 1950, the French Schneider Group settled COTESA in Uruguay to develop sales for its lines (Télémecanique, Merlin Gerin…).

Although its official name was “La Comercial Técnica S.A.", it was already known as COTESA after its telegraphic address of that time.

Today, COTESA is an entirely Uruguayan company. Its official name is now “Comercial y Técnica Ltda.”. COTESA represents international companies and serves local and Argentinean customers.

Throughout its history, COTESA has been the local support in heterogeneous activities such as selling dry-cleaning machinery or locomotives; bartering Rumanian urea for Uruguayan rice and selling thousands of tons of Portland cement to Brazil. Furthermore COTESA has handled 40% of the Uruguayan meat exports and supplied petroleum refineries with turbines. COTESA is characterized by logistic versatility, commercial reliability and its ability to select the suitable technicians in all the challenges COTESA it faces.


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